About Jill

I am driven by my passion of helping women become healthy and happy mothers. I love providing women with the tools they need to master their own fertility, maintain a healthy and vibrant pregnancy, and raise happy families - because "Healthy Families Start With Muhm!"

I am familiar with the heartache and worry that comes with not being able to conceive and I know how it feels to try month after month with no results. Because of my own experience, I was inspired to create a fertility diet program that proved successful for me!   Now I love guiding other women along their own path to pregnancy and motherhood.

As a mother of two sweet little boys, I know that every day can be a wild and crazy ride, often full of too much to do with too little sleep.  Sometimes it feels like a monumental task to simply squeeze in a shower, much less exercise and prepare a healthy meal for my family!  I created Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp so that moms like me can get in a great workout and not have to find child care.  The community that has evolved through Bootie Camp has been an absolute blessing!  Now I don't know what I would do without it!   

I am passionate about educating moms on the uses of essential oils to treat life's little emergencies as well as to maintain vibrant health for the entire family. I use essential oils in my home daily and we spend much less time at the doctor's office as a result!  Because I have had so much success using oils on my family, I now teach monthly classes and offer one one one consultations to empower other moms with the same confidence and success in taking care of their families safe, effective, free from side effects, plant based medicine. 

I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and as a certified Nutrition Counselor, I draw from over 100 nutritional theories to help women create their own roadmaps to health vitality and motherhood. I am the founder and owner of Healthy Muhm LLC. and seeks to empower every unique beautiful woman I counsel by taking a holistic approach. I make women╩╝s health information easily accessible and understandable through my classes and personalized coaching programs.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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