Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp

Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp was created for moms who want to get a great workout, build community, make friends, set a positive example for their children, and be a part of the change we seek in this world.  This unique program is donation based and proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations.  Sweat with purpose!

I accept donations on a suggested sliding scale of $5-$10 per class.  

Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp is for you if you:

Want to be a strong and toned hot mama!
Want to set a positive role model for your child - teach by example, exercise is fun!
Love working out with your friends
Have trouble getting motivated to workout by yourself 
Don't want to have to pay for childcare while you work out
Want to be guided by terrific instructors who are trained specifically in prenatal and post-natal fitness
Want your donation to contribute to positive change in our community

Our classes are designed so that mamas of all fitness abilities (pregnant, postpartum, well conditioned,or just starting out an exercise program) can enjoy a fun, challenging, workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp?

New mamas must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for a cesarean section) and have received verbal clearance from their physician to resume physical exercise.  

When/Where do classes take place?
Classes are on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30am.  Wednesday class starts at 8:45am.  We meet on both the East Side as well as the West Side depending on the day. Click on the Calendar Tab to find the most updated information about location.


Do I need to register in advance?  

Please notify Jill if you plan to attend class at our west side location.  You must notify Jill by 7pm the night before the class that you wish to attend.  You can text Jill at 503 545-2859 or contact Jill via facebook or through the contact form submission page in this website.  

What Should I bring?

Bring Your Own Baby!  Ha!  Oh, and a water bottle, and a yoga mat.  Athletic wear and shoes.

What does my child do during class?

Our classes are in inclosed tennis courts during the summer months, and kid friendly indoor locations during the winter months so no need to bring a stroller for your kiddos!  
Big kids can play with balls, cars, scooters etc during class. Little ones can chill out or snooze in their car seat or on a blanket. 

Can my partner/spouse come to class?

Yes!  Partners and spouses are welcome to join you anytime!  

Do I need a jogging stroller?


What is the class format like?

Every class is different. I always offer modifications to fit the needs of our pregnant mamas, new mamas, those who are new to working out, or active mamas who want an added challenge. Because we do such a wide variety of exercises, the time flies by!   A typical class format includes warm-up, interval training, and core work. Classes have included Tabata style workouts, accumulator workouts, stations, relays, and many other fun boot camp style workouts.  We use resistance bands, weights, and body weight to work muscles and get you looking and feeling great!

What is the Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp community like?

We love community!!!  Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp is truly a community affair and many of the moms who attend Bootie Camp have taken on special roles to keep the program strong and vibrant.  We have “Mom’s Night Out” every quarter – a chance for moms to get out of the house kid free and enjoy one another’s company (and even put on a little makeup if desired!) Our Mom’s Nights Out have included clothing swaps, potlucks, nights out on the town, etc.  

 In addition to Mom’s Night Out, we host educational evenings that include topics such as nutrition for pregnancy, and post partum, essential oils for pregnancy, birth, and babies, and how to cleanse and renew the body safely and effectively. 

 After class, mamas like to chat and let the kiddos play. Many find Bootie Camp Class and the time afterward to act as our own special mama group!  New mamas get questions answered and mamas of older kids get a chance to snuggle with sweet little babies.  Our mamas join Healthy Muhm Bootie Camp because they are ready to get into shape and they find that not only do they get into the best shape of their lives, they build beautiful life long friendships as well!

If you wish to donate online rather than bring cash to class every time, click on the button below.