•   Eat a whole foods diet. This is NOT a fasting cleanse!

•   Follow a program schedule that make it easy to stay on track.

•   Follow menus and recipes for each day that are delicious and will assist in ridding your body of all those toxins.

•   Decrease your chances of getting sick this winter 

•   Watch as your skin clears up and starts to glow

•   Reduce puffiness in your face and shrink those dark circles under the eyes

•   Fit into your sexy jeans again.

See what others have said about it:

"I'd definitely recommend your Clean Eating Challenge to anybody.  I'm sleeping like a baby and I'm waking up energized every morning.  My skin looks great and my face has thinned out.   Overall, I feel really super great!  I can't remember when I've felt so clear-headed." – TH

"I felt SOOOOO good at the end the cleanse! Thank you so much! I am singing your praises!" - CS


"I'm so very happy that I did the Fall Clean Eating Challenge!  I have lost six pounds, one pant size and gotten several "you're glowing" comments! I have more energy and the circles under my eyes are gone!   I loved all the recipes and the shopping lists made it a snap to go shopping.  I am excited to continue to use these recipes and I'd can’t wait to sign up for the Spring Clean Eating Challenge!!!!!!"  - VM

"Another observation I was going to mention is that I used to sweat -- a lot. I definitely would sweat like crazy when working out, but even just sitting at my desk, I sweat. Also, I would often wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. But, since I started the cleanse I haven't been sweating at all! Even when I work-out i sweat less. It's amazing!" - CS

"I lost 8 pounds and my arthritus pain is considerably less now!" - PR


Every day we are exposed to toxins that find their way into the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. The body does its best to rid itself of these dangerous substances by transforming and then excreting them through the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels. Unfortunately, many times these toxins don’t make it all the way out of the body. They get circulated back into the bloodstream and body tissues and many times deposited in our fat tissues. As these toxins accumulate in the body, they can become an underlying cause of a variety of health problems and obesity.  Once a toxin is stored in fatty tissue, the body will hold on to that fat as long as it can and many people find that they simply can not lose weight no matter how much they exercise until they go through the process of detoxing the body and expelling these toxins.

If you are...

Ready to jump start your health and reset the metabolism, learn some great tricks for curbing cravings, and get those toxins out of your body, 

Then the 7 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE is the program for you!


•   Feel more energized and lighter

•   Be in-tune with your body and know how to listen to what you need

•   Notice your skin starting to glow 

•   Watch the dark circles under your eyes reduce or disappear 

•   Learn tricks to beat that 3pm slump for good

•   Find relief of digestive issues such as gas, bloating, reflux etc.

•   Enjoy access to delicious and healthy power house recipes


"I am definitely less bloated (actually lost a couple pounds).  I do not miss alcohol and I am doing well without caffeine.  Most importantly, I am sleeping better- which is really big.  I am a horrible sleeper and typically wake up several times a night.  Now I sleep much more soundly.  I am excited about the facial and can't wait to set my date!  Thank you!" - CC


"My stomach is so flat and a few people at work told me I looked skinnier. I haven't lost any weight, but my stomach definitely feels smaller. It's awesome!" - CS


"I loved the food and so did my family.  I lost 8 pounds and my knees don't hurt me when I climb the staris now." PR

The 7-day CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE includes:

•   Pre-Challenge Orientation to get started on the right foot - held conveniently over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

•   Complete Clean Eating Challenge Packet/Handbook which includes - why we need to cleanse, the benefits of cleansing, tips for getting started, enhancing your experience, and achieving lifelong health.

•   Daily Guide so you are never left wondering what to do or eat.

•   Meal Plan at a Glance for each day so you don’t have to worry or feel overwhelmed about what to cook.

•   Shopping list to save you time, stress, and sanity at the store.

•   Recipes for every meal plus bonus recipes to try later on.

•   Unlimited email Support to get all your questions answered and to stay motivated and inspired.

•   Daily Check List to help you stay on track.



BONUS: Private Strategy Session with Jill  to assure your long term success.  


Total value of the program: $400.00

Your investment:  $147